Mozart Boys Choir Vienna is a community of boys and youngsters from age eight to twenty-one, who live at home and only come together for their rehearsals and performances. Equally important as their music education is a qualified education at a public school of their choice. The sound of the choir includes tenor and bass voices; our so called “outgrown” boys may go on singing to enhance the sound of the choir with their men’s voices. As a self sufficient organisation the choir finances itself through the income of its concerts. Members of the organisation are the parents of the boys; but to become a member of this community does not necessarily mean to have to sing; there are several possibilities – for single persons or for companies – to become a supporting or honorary member of the choir.

The tradition of Boys Choirs in Austria and specifically in Vienna goes back to the 15th century. The well known composer Franz Schubert himself was a member of the Vienna Boys Choir. Voices of boys were considered to be clearer and more chaste than women’s voices when performing in churches and at clerical events.

The predecessor of our choir was founded in 1956 by Prof. Erich Schwarzbauer to commemorate the 200th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and was then named “Mozart Boys Choir” (Mozart-Saengerknaben). Throughout the years the choir obtained the reputation to be one of the best boys choirs in Austria, a famous representative of Viennese musical specialities and well known in many countries of the world.
In 1994 Peter Lang became the new music director of the Mozart Boys Choir, but with the death of the founder, the institution intended to end all activities. Peter Lang immediately overtook the responsibility and founded the Amadeus Boys Choir Vienna as successor. Due to legal reasons the name of the choir had to be changed, but the tradition was kept on. Both choirs always played an important role in covering boys’ and children’s parts in different productions at the Vienna States Opera and the Vienna Volksopera. It was a charming incident that in 2006 - Mozart’s 250th birthday – the choir could obtain its name back and is now again performing under the name MOZART KNABENCHOR WIEN – Mozart Boys Choir Vienna.

The music education consists of normal choir singing, voice training and soloist training which is being done by university educated singing teachers. Due to the breaking of the voices mostly before the age of 14, one of the most ambitious goals of a boys choir is to permanently engage young boys. This reason led to the foundation of a course for children. Interested kids now can join this course before they even start with school and by this they will get a playful education and earn a fundamental singing experience.

The rehearsals of the Boys Choir are taking place in small groups on Monday and Wednesday, while Friday is the main rehearsal with all members together. The repertoire of the Choir permanently needs to be enlarged and – due to customer requirements – to be updated. Since 2006 the choir takes the opportunity to present some contemporary compositions of Austrian composers to his audience.

A standard season in Vienna consists of numerous concerts in churches, concert halls and different Viennese Palaces featuring the complete classical repertoire. Within our concerts we had the opportunity to sing together with the best orchestras of Vienna, like the Vienna Philharmonics, the Vienna Symphonics and the Radio Symphony Orchestra under such famous conductors like Michael Gielen, Claudio Abbado, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, to name but a few. And we also had the chance to perform at festivals in Lucerne together with José Carreras and in Vienna together with Placido Domingo (Christmas in Vienna). In December 2006 the Italian Christmas concert, recorded in the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi together with the Orchestra Nazionale dela RAI and José Cura was transmitted on Dec. 25 throughout the world via TV.

If you want to know more about the Choir or want to book us, please contact:

Christoph Lang
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